FOGO the Radio Waves


Hey Scott,

So they’re building a nice 40-foot NBN tower in our street. I’m not happy. The health risks and environmental risks are huge, plus property prices are also negatively affected as who wants to live near that? If we were in the suburbs I might expect this, yet we’re not. We bought 10 acres in the Gold Coast hinterland for the healthy lifestyle, and our street is full of families and kids. Never did I expect an NBN tower to pop up. The guy who’s allowing it on his property will be getting paid a pretty penny for it I’m sure. So what can we do? My initial thought is to sell and get away as quickly as possible. Or do we rent it out to someone who’s brave enough to live near this tower?

Hi Sarah,


Look, I’m not going to weigh in on the health risks argument (however, next week I know I’ll get at least 150 emails from people who will).

Yet what I am picking up are your personal radio waves, and it’s clear you’re stressed to the max.

It’s kind of like having Clive Palmer move in next door. He’s probably not going to hurt you, yet watching him drag his overstuffed FOGO bin to the curb each Wednesday night isn’t exactly a selling point for your street.

You’ve said that your initial thought is to “sell and get away as quickly as possible”. That’s your gut talking, and here’s a tip from Clive – you should listen to it.

Look, life is too short to live in a place that brings you constant anxiety.

After all, what’s going to kill you is the stress … not the radio waves.


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