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Hi Scott

With all the rumblings in the news and socials about the world economy collapsing, we are a bit worried about our super and savings – we are getting a bit long in the tooth and are ready to retire in 18 months (we’re in our early 60s). My brother keeps saying we should put our money into silver (he buys silver coins). I just don’t know how I can go down to the shop to buy my bread and milk with silver. Is it a viable investment option? What happens to our super and our savings in the bank if it all tanks? (Apparently they can take it all and leave you with nothing, banks included.)


Hey Mia,

Let’s break down a couple of keywords in your question.

First up, “socials”.

For God’s sake do not get your news from Facebook … or any financial advice for that matter.

Second, “brother”.

Your bro may be a lovely dude, but if he is advising you to put your super into silver I would suggest he’s been reading too much Facebook himself.

Third, “they” (as in “they can take it all and leave you with nothing”).

Who are “they”? The Government? Bill Gates? Jeffrey Epstein?

That sounds like yet another comment on Facebook.

Look, Facebook’s algorithms have one aim: to keep you staring at your screen (and their ads) for as long as possible. So they are programmed to find emotional, scary, and downright crazy posts and amplify them. The end result is that these posts are served up on you and your brother’s Facebook news feed so many times that it feels like everyone is thinking it.

But they’re not.

Oh, and by the way, do not put all your money into silver. No one is going to take all your money and leave you with nothing. The Australian Government guarantees deposits up to $250,000, and it will not go broke.

Instead, here are two things you can do that will make you happier and wealthier:

First, consider starting to build up a cash buffer within your super fund. You could make extra contributions and direct that into cash so you can ride out any pullbacks in the share market when you retire in 18 months’ time.

Second, delete Facebook. Seriously. Stop trading your precious time and attention just to make a billionaire even richer.


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