Option Trading Strategy: Setting Up a Double Calendar

In this video I want to share with you how to trade a double calendar or at least that one up so that way you can now position it yourself on your own stock trade.

Now the double calendar is very similar to a single calendar but it is two calendars rather than one so I want to go over exactly how to set one up and this is just a quick overview video it’s not in-depth about adjustments or anything like that. Let me share with you exactly what it looks like first off and then afterward I want to show you exactly how to do it in a trading program.

Now there are a lot of advantages with the double calendar because it gives you a lot of spread range for the trade. It allows your options to deteriorate a lot quicker at picking up your premium or making more on the premium.

There are a few advantages but unfortunately, there are also disadvantages with everything that you get you have to give something which means you’re Vega position goes up a lot higher meaning your Vega risk is slightly higher.

Let me share with you exactly what I’m watching for when I set up a double calendar. Let’s take a look at the single calendar spread first before we get into the double calendar and if you didn’t watch the video about the single calendar position then you might want to watch that one first because it’s base foundation for the double calendar at but I do want to quickly recap the single calendar here.

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